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But for corporate recruiters, rankings are still among the best ways of allocating recruiting resources to find specialist and high-quality hires. Although salary growth is the main focus of the ranking, the Financial Times ranking also looks at the value and quality of the EMBA, its diversity and research capacity. In fact, a total of 16 criteria determine the EMBA ranking versus 20 for the full-time MBA ranking. Make Your Own Ranking. Everyone you talk to will have a different take on the MBA. While rankings always matter, if you’re applying to an MBA program, the most important thing for you to determine is if and how much the rankings matter to you. First, it’s necessary to understand how MBA program rankings function. The major rankings include BusinessWeek, The Economist, Forbes, Financial Times, and US News & World Report.

Do mba rankings matter

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Do mba rankings matter

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We at ARINGO believe that MBA Rankings definitely matter, to an extent. The MBA rankings should never be used as the sole criteria of your school selection.
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The top business schools will tend to be those that rank consistently towards the top of the list and deserve to be there. Meanwhile, among prospective employers, there is a perceived value in hiring a new employee who graduated from one of the higher-ranking schools. The simple answer to this question is that MBA rankings do matter. The top MBA colleges will lead to being those that rank consistently towards the top of the list and justify being there.

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Determine what levels/ranges of programs for which you’re competitive generally (taking into account reasonable reaches, on-pars, and maybe safeties).
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Employee perspectives on individualized pay

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